Sports NFL Aaron Rodgers and His Astronaut Helmet

Aaron Rodgers and His Astronaut Helmet

We can all agree that Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks of this generation. He has been leading the Packers to success ever since he took over for Brett Favre like 100 years ago. Rodgers also has the least amount of swag out of anyone in the league. He’s been rocking the basic Schutt helmet his whole career with that horrific leather chin strap that they hand out for free when you first join peewee football.

If you watch Rodgers play you will see the most massive helmet worn by anyone in the league. The Packers training staff has been adding padding in his helmet little by little throughout the years. This guy looks like he is rocking an astronaut helmet.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers making the Number One hand signal during a football game.
Image by US News via Getty Images

With all that padding in his helmet, have the Packers also put a device in there that tells him who is open on every play? The question must be asked. Even Tom Brady made the switch to the Revo speed helmet. It’s 2020 Rodgers, figure it out. As a Bears fan, it makes me angry how a quarterback can be so good with such little swag. Congratulations Rodgers, you swipe your hands across your stomach every touchdown confirming your “The Champ.” Here’s a fact, you have 1 Super Bowl in your 1,000 years of playing in the NFL. Also, get a new TD celebration. Its severely outdated.

I am convinced if Aaron Rodgers’ helmet was a Revo speed he’d have two more Super Bowl rings. However, he does not, and has never injured his jaw from that chin strap.

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