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Are the Chicago Bears For Real?

As a lifelong die-hard Bears fan, I have seen some great defenses in my day and some suspect offense. The last time the Bears went to the Super Bowl they went with Rex Grossman at quarterback. Remember that guy? The Bears have had a constant longing for a QB since the franchise began. It’s impressive how bad this franchise is at trying to get a QB. However, in 2020 the Bears have started out 5-1 with a combination of Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles.

If it weren’t for this incredible “bend don’t break” defense that is leading the league in Red Zone stops, who knows what the record would say.

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Matt Nagy has Bears fans extremely frustrated with his Madden like play calling. The guy is one of the worst play callers I have ever seen. The Bears left tackle Charles Leno cannot make a block to save his life and the line has been below average. The Bears have not even come close to playing their best football which is why it is incredible they are 5-1. The reason I do believe the Chicago Bears are for real is because they have a ferocious defense. If this defense stays healthy, they can play and stay in games with anyone.

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Upcoming Games

The Bears will be tested tremendously these next 5 games. They compete against the Rams, Saints, Titans, Vikings, and Packers. This stretch will determine if the Bears are for real. Nick Foles said in his interview “This team reminds him a lot of his Super Bowl Eagles team” and that he’s “Really grateful to be a part of this organization”. Foles has shown he can be a great leader and take this team far, but the question remains, is Matt Nagy going to figure out the play calling and figure out the identity of this offense.

The Bears next game is Monday night in LA vs the Rams. This will test the entire Bears team and I am excited to see how well they prepare and come out against these guys. The Rams are coming off a surprising loss to the beaten up 49ers squad and the Bears are coming off a solid win in Carolina.

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