Sports MLB Changes in Cleveland - What Will be the Indians New Name?

Changes in Cleveland – What Will be the Indians New Name?

The question surrounding baseball is what Cleveland will change their name and logo too. My whole life I have seen the Indians rock Chief Wahoo on their hats, and jerseys. Historically, Cleveland is a pretty good franchise. Changing the name now right before they possibly go into a rebuild might not be the best idea, but I get why they’re changing it. It seems that the Cleveland organization has stumbled across 4 possible new names they like. These are all just rumors, but names I think would work for the franchise.

1) Cleveland Spiders
Image by Michael McFarland

If you didn’t know, Cleveland Spiders was the name of the club from 1887-1899. The Cleveland Spiders is a dope name, and it has some historic ties which would make sense. It’s all about a smooth transition. Keep the fans happy by having a reason for the new name decided on. Personally, the spider logo I saw was cool. I think it’s a good option for the franchise.

2) Cleveland Rockers

The Rockers would be an intriguing name because the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland. I like names that have meaning, like I said, so the Rockers would make sense. The only problem is the logo would have to be cool. Not too many Cleveland fans are stoked about this. There isn’t much more to say about the Rockers. Personally, not my favorite, but we’ll see how it shapes out.

3) The Cleveland Baseball Club

Probably the worst name in the history of names. I understand “The Football Team” because they had such little time to decide, but they need to have a name by next year or I will retract my belief on this topic. As far as the Cleveland franchise, this better not be the name. I don’t think the fans will let two franchises get away with this. The wonderful people of Cleveland need an actual name and they better deliver!! The Baseball Club is a NO GO!

4) Cleveland Clippers
Image by Marylee Melendez via Spectrum News 1

I’ve heard rumors of this becoming the name, and it makes sense. The Cleveland Triple-A ball club in Columbus is named the Clippers. Many baseball fans in Columbus are familiar with the Clippers as they were rated in the Top 5 nicest minor league stadiums in the country. I think you can make this the Cleveland Indians new name and change Columbus’s name to something else. The Clippers is cool and easy to pronounce. People won’t lose their minds because the name is subtle.

The problem with changing the name of a franchise is you won’t make everyone happy. That’s why I would air on the side of caution when picking a name. A name that has meaning is so much easier to explain to the public than something completely random that sounded cool in the meeting room. I wonder how these conversations work and how much disagreement there really is. I can’t imagine a room of people all agreeing on the same thing. Screw it, they should just put a bunch of names in a hat and draw one from there.

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