Sports Golf Charlie Woods' Golf Swing Is ALREADY Better Than Some PGA Tour Players

Charlie Woods’ Golf Swing Is ALREADY Better Than Some PGA Tour Players

As many of you know, Tiger Woods just played a tournament with his son, Charlie Axel Woods and it was a sight to see. This kid’s swing is so pure; it’s hard to take my eyes off of these viral videos on Twitter. I mean, it would be a shame if he wasn’t good considering who his dad is. How about this Tiger – let’s have a one-on-one session and you could share some of your tips with me? This guy keeps all his hidden gems for his son. So selfish! All joking aside, I think this kid is phenom. I knew he was good but what I watched was God given talent. I’ll certainly remember telling my kid where I was when I saw this tournament.

Image by Mike Ehrmann via Getty Images

I think they bumped up the microphone on Charlie’s shots because those things sounded like a fighter jet screaming through the sky when he stroked the ball. So now that Tiger’s son is the next Tiger Woods, does this mean it will follow down to his grandson too? Can you imagine being the son of a “Woods” and not enjoying golf? You would probably be even more exposed in the media than if you played golf and sucked. The reason is because TIGER WOODS IS GOLF. He transformed the game and has stapled that last name on the PGA Tour record books forever.

In a dream world, I would interview Tiger’s son when he’s old enough to have him explain how his dad introduced him to golf and if he pushed it on him to play. The typical answer would probably be no, but I’m curious to see how Tiger is when he’s not playing golf. Is he a movie guy, TV guy, football guy, etc. It would be so cool if Tiger was just an average dad that drank beer on the weekends, studied his shot here and there, and then hit the links from time to time. If Charlie is obsessed with golf at this age, then everyone better lookout in the future. This kid’s ceiling is higher than high! With a dad like Tiger, who knows where this kid will go. Did I mention he’s only 11 years old?

Image by Gotham/GC Images

Just seeing Tiger and his son rock the same outfit was awesome. Could you imagine doing this with your dad and you both know you’re the shit. So many people take pride in their last names and these guys can wear that name with confidence and cockiness.

There are countless videos circling the internet where Tiger and Charlie share the same mannerisms. I’m not going to lie, when Charlie Woods pumped his fist after hitting that putt, it made me want to run through a wall. If you don’t get fired up for something like that, then you need some help. Charlie acts like he belongs and looks extremely mature on the course. You can tell he’s ready for his future in this sport. Come on, throw Charlie on the tour now! I’d be more intrigued to watch him than some other guys on the tour. Talk about high TV ratings!

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