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Best (Vegas) Odds to Win the World Series in 2021: Featured MLB Teams

The 2020 COVID-19 season is over for Major League Baseball, with the Los Angeles Dodgers standing alone holding the World Series trophy. Eager baseball fans are waiting for a full 162-game season where fans can attend, so the summer can feel normal again. Recently, Vegas released its 2021 MLB odds to win the World Series and it’s an interesting list. Some of these may be easy picks, but some might surprise you. Teams that were rebuilding the past several years are finally starting to succeed, which has baseball fans excited.

Other top teams such as the Reds, White Sox, Padres, and Braves have some great odds going into the 2021 season, according to Vegas.

Best Odds to Win the World Series

It comes as no surprise that the Dodgers and Yankees are the one and two as far as odds to win the World Series. These two juggernauts have been atop the MLB consistently over the last decade.

The New York Yankees, however, can’t get over the hump to win the World Series. Do the Yankees have a secret curse? I sure hope so. New York Yankees fans are excited each year because they want to win their 28th championship, but just can’t get over that hump. It was the bat of Mike Brosseau that sent the Yankees packing in the ALCS last year.

Tampa Bay Rays infielder Mike Brosseau hits the go-ahead home run off of Aroldis Chapman in the 2020 ALDS. What are the Rays odds to win the World Series in 2021?
Image by Will Vragovic via Tampa Bay Rays

On the other hand, the Dodgers have a great shot at repeating, as they are constantly at the top of the MLB with their lineup and pitching rotation, especially with the addition of Trevor Bauer. They finally got over the hump this past season and won it all. I think they have great odds to win the World Series in 2021.

With the addition of Trevor Bauer, the Los Angeles Dodgers have the best odds to win the World Series in 2021, according to Vegas.
Image by AP Photo via Aaron Doster

These next three on the list are intriguing. The Braves, Padres, and White Sox. A few years ago, these teams where at the bottom of baseball, but continuously added talent to their farm system and slowly climbed to the top of the Vegas odds.

A crushing blow for the Atlanta Braves last year, as they ended the season one game away from making the World Series. Atlanta just needs that one close out starter to get them over the hump. They just signed Charlie Morton to the rotation on November 24th, 2020. This might be exactly what the Braves need to top the Dodgers next year. As long as this team is healthy, there’s no reason they can’t make a run like they did last year.

The Chicago White Sox came on faster than expected in 2020. A little ahead of schedule some may say. As a White Sox fan, I am extremely excited for the future.

The White Sox have arguably the best lineup in baseball. Including the young talent of Tim Anderson, Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, and the outstanding prospect in Luis Robert, who showed out last year. They also have three great starters in Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, and Dallas Keuchel along with star closer Liam Hendriks. Their last two starters are the problem. Last year, the Sox shocked the MLB, owning the 6th best bullpen ERA in the league. With Michael Kopech coming back after opting out of the 2020 season the future looks promising in 2021.

Next, the San Diego Padres are loaded with talent. Fernando Tatis Jr. is the future of the league. For some who may not know, the White Sox traded Tatis to the Padres for James Shields back in 2016. What a bad move. However, with the addition of Machado and Clevinger, this team has a serious shot to make the World Series. The National League is loaded now, so it will be fun to watch these powerhouses battle it out for a chance at a ring.

San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. hitting a home run. The Padres odds to win the World Series in 2021 will be contingent on the performance of Tatis.
Image by The St. Louis American

Some other notable teams trying to make a run are the Reds, Rays, and the A’s.

The Reds lineup was the talk of 2020, but they ended up stinking. On paper, their lineup was supposed to be at the top of baseball with their outstanding pitching staff. Over the last two playoff appearances, the Reds have scored just two runs. That’s amazing to me. This Reds team has the pitching, along with a ton of talented prospects. They just need to scratch some runs together in the playoffs and they can contend. A big hit was taken by the Cincinnati Reds when free agent Trevor Bauer signed with the Dodgers.

Next, we have the Tampa Bay Rays who are a team to beat in the AL. It’s incredible how well they have done the past few years with having one of the smallest cap spaces in the MLB. Tampa Bay continues to win games, despite having only a couple big name players. The Rays are a fun team to follow and watch. Losing Charlie Morton to free agency will hurt them, but I still believe they’ll be right there with the Yankees at the end of the season.

The Oakland A’s are a great team, but their lineup is very inconsistent. They play good defense and their pitchers pitch to contact. I truly don’t see this team contending next year, despite their given odds to win the World Series in 2021. I think they need a couple more pieces to succeed. They are right on the cusp of being great, but not quite there yet.

Some honorable mentions in the Vegas odds are the Astros, Indians, and Twins. I won’t waste any characters on the Astros, and the Indians are coming off a very good season in 2020. They relied on their pitching and their bats got hot at the right time. Losing Clevinger was a big hit, but they still had the Cy Young winner Shane Bieber. The Cleveland Indians are a wild card team and could make a run if they get hot like they did last year.

The Twins are a scary baseball club. Unfortunately, they can’t win a game in the playoffs. It’s insane that the Twins have a 17-game losing streak in the playoffs. Can they break that soon? Probably. Nelson Cruz had a blowout season last year and even at his age I still think he can do it again. They also need to get some bullpen arms for them to contend in the American League.

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