Sports NBA NBA Players Allowed to Smoke All the Marijuana They Want

NBA Players Allowed to Smoke All the Marijuana They Want

Yes, you read that correctly. The NBA has officially stated that they will not be testing for marijuana in the upcoming season. Wow, what a relief for NBA players. Athletes all over the professional sports world have came out and discussed how weed has helped them recover and focus. Guys, the NBA is a grind. Day in and day out, these guys are putting their cardiovascular system on the line. The 72-game season is not a sprint. It’s a long jog and one that players must pace themselves in.

Some would say that J.R. Smith is overly excited about this one. The guy is a walking marijuana plant. Dispensaries are going to thrive during the NBA season. They better be over stocked and prepared with all strains on deck. It’s important to realize that this is a monumental moment for the NBA and frankly all sports.

The NBA was technically not the first one to do this in professional sports. In 2019, the MLB agreed to test for opioids and not punish players for abusing cocaine and marijuana but help them opt for treatment. The NFL did something similar as well. Although, the NFL has more strict rules against it. They allow a certain number of milligrams to be in your system. Anything over that amount will result in punishment. The first offense will result in a referral to a substance abuse program and the second offense will result in a fine of two game checks.

NBA league commissioner Adam Silver announces they will no longer test players for marijuana during the season.
Image by Kyle Terada via USA TODAY Sports

            The NBA banning the testing of marijuana completely changes the game. Who knows, we might see a documentary 20 years from now saying 90% of the league played games while high. What does this mean for younger generations, when they find out their favorite player was a pothead? I’ve got nothing against this new rule, only proposing some possible questions. Frankly,

I think they should’ve had one game a year where all the marijuana users come together and play a game called “Green Day.” What the hell, even have the announcers blazed out of their mind and see how funny the broadcast can get. Can you imagine “Green Day” being hosted by Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dog, and Seth Rogan? Wow, what an event. You got J.R. Smith being the on-court reporter, and you only allow fans that bring in the Green Goddess. Overall, I’m not sure if this will affect anything in the upcoming season, but it’s a hot topic for sure, and one that needs to be covered here at FanNoise.

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