Sports NFL NFL Insiders Reveal a Deshaun Watson Trade Is on the Horizon

NFL Insiders Reveal a Deshaun Watson Trade Is on the Horizon

The Deshaun Watson trade drama is at a new level of hype after Adam Schefter tweeted the rumor that he might’ve played his finals snaps in Houston. From fans creating graphics of Watson in practically every other team’s jersey, to fans going Twitter crazy demanding their team to make a trade for Watson, you can say this will be the talk of the NFL.

Since there are only a few teams left in the 2021 postseason, teams and fans are looking forward to next year, which is why this has become the number one topic in football. Watson is a proven quarterback in the league and has the stats to back it up. Even if Houston doesn’t trade him, Watson will likely cause internal chaos within the Texans organization until he is dealt.

Deep down I really think Houston will figure things out and avoid the Deshaun Watson trade, but the optimistic side of me says he’ll be traded. I mean, the Texans have been a joke of a franchise since becoming one in 1999. It’s no surprise that they messed this situation up just as bad as the Deandre Hopkins trade.

Watson has a good reason to leave. He isn’t Jamal Adams who left New York just because the Jets suck. Deshaun was told by ownership that he’d be involved in the decisions surrounding the franchise’s openings at GM and head coach, but then every suggestion he provided was ultimately ignored.

The drama of a Deshaun Watson trade is rising, as rumors spread across the NFL. Is he leaving the Houston Texans?
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The main issue is teams that wish to acquire Watson will have to take a substantial hit to the salary cap (not so much next year, but the years following). On top of that, they will have to give up a considerable amount of high draft picks over the next coming years. There are still a handful of interested teams even with these issues. Some possible destinations are Miami, San Francisco, New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, Washington, and New England.

I’m sure every team in the league dealing with quarterback controversy is in the mix.

I’m going to say my piece as a Chicago Bears fan. You messed up once by not drafting Watson, don’t do it again. At this point, it comes down to Ryan Pace doing something to benefit the team. If Watson went to the Bears, he would be an icon as big as Jordan. Yeah, I said it. Chicago fans love the Bears and there’s no question that they are the team of the city. If Watson landed there, he would instantly be the best quarterback in the history of the franchise…. THE HISTORY!

Want a statue Deshaun? Come to Chicago.

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