Sports NFL The Nightmare Looming Over Chicago Bears Fans Continues

The Nightmare Looming Over Chicago Bears Fans Continues

The Chicago Bears have an underestimated die-hard fanbase. It’s unexplainable how loyal and passionate the fans of this franchise are. In 2018, I had some of the best times I’ve ever had over my 23 years. Yes, Chicago has the Blackhawks and Bulls, as well as the White Sox and Cubs who each won the World Series. However, the one franchise that brings this city together is the Bears. Chicago Bears fans are getting extremely fed up with the embarrassing .500 seasons the past 10 years. The fact is, the Bears are known around the league as an 8-8 or 9-7 team, always falling behind Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

It all falls on the hands of the ownership. The McCaskey’s and President Ted Philips don’t seem to care about winning, and they’ve proven that time and time again. It really hit home with me after the 2020 season concluded and they brought back Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace. Three days after the season, Bears fans were eager to hear the press conference with all these goofs. It couldn’t have gone worse.

They talked about the “culture” and how impressed they were with how the team responded to the six-game losing streak.

Here’s a question, how great is the culture when you constantly have players being ejected for punching opposing players in the face? Or how about when two of our receivers and starting quarterback questioned the team’s accountability and culture all season long? Nagy is a joke of a coach. His record is solely based off the Vic Fangio defense from 2018, and that’s a fact. He’s an arena football coach at best. Personally, I think he should be selling cars at the local Ford dealership. Obviously, he’s a good salesman to even be in this position. Chicago Bears fans don’t care about culture, growing, comradery, or any of that bullshit.

Chicago Bears fans continue to be disappointed as the Bears lose in their opening playoff game.
Image by Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

All we want is for the team to WIN, and it’s obvious the front office just cares about selling tickets. Chicago Bears fans should just boycott going to games, but I know we’re too loyal for that. That’s the problem. We love this franchise so much that having these bums running it makes our blood boil.

Let’s talk about draft picks. Ryan Pace drafted guys like Kevin White, Riley Ridley, Adam Shaheen, and the infamous Mitch Trubisky… Yes, he has had some good picks in the late rounds, but when at least 2 or 3 of your top picks don’t pan out, THAT’S A PROBLEM! I feel bad for this team. The players have the capability to win games and all these clowns are holding them back.

Image by Jim Mone via AP

It’s sad that looking forward to the 2021 season seems so depressing. Our cap is not very good, and we’re going to have to release a big-name guy like Kyle Fuller, Jimmy Graham, Allen Robinson, etc. The Bears have an offensive line issue and need a quarterback…. AGAIN. Since this franchise has started, the Bears cannot figure it out.

It’s appalling. You know why?

Because the owners don’t know how to build a winning franchise. The biggest issue is that we have Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace back and that’s the bottom line. Unless the Bears somehow get a franchise saving QB, this team is in for a long season next year.

For the fans who were happy to make the playoffs, I was right there with you. You can’t ask for much more than making the postseason and seeing what happens, but I’ll tell you what, it didn’t feel anything like 2018. We backed into an expanded playoff.

I’m one of those guys who believes in “Any given Sunday,” but when you have Matt Nagy coaching you wont win. He runs “ask madden” every play and doesn’t scheme for anyone. Matt Nagy’s coaching career in a nutshell was when he got absolutely slaughtered by Sean McVay and the Rams in front of the whole nation in primetime. You can tell the Rams found a flaw in our defense and exposed it. Nagy is just a bad coach. Period. Mitch was possibly good enough to win a championship with this defense, but Nagy ruined it.

The Rams leave Chicago Bears fans in awe after handling the Bears on a regular season NFL game.
Image by Robert Hanashiro via USA TODAY Sports

This doesn’t affect how big of a Bears fan I am. I will still root for this team win or lose. However, sometimes I need to lay my thoughts out on paper, because I know all Chicago Bears fans feel the same way.

My father is one of the most optimistic fans on the planet, and he truly believes this team can win any game. Him and I are so obsessed. We watch film of this team every week. When we watch the film, it’s embarrassing how quickly we see the obvious flaws that Nagy and Pace don’t. The same offense is ran every week, with the same horrific gimmick plays that will never work.

The Bears didn’t figure out that David Montgomery was their best offensive player until Week 10. If you watch film and say Montgomery isn’t a good back or one of the best in this league, then you don’t know football. Allen Robinson is the second-best player on this offense, but it doesn’t compare to how good Montgomery is. If you disagree, watch the film and get back to me.

David Montgomery shows to be the one bright spot for Chicago Bears fans.
Image by Grant Gordon via

I’m not sure what the deal is with not signing Robinson. I truly don’t understand it. They probably have a plan of letting him go to free up money for another guy. The only thing that makes sense is trading Allen Robinson to the Texans for Deshaun Watson. Any other option doesn’t seem logical.

As I ramble on in this blog, you realize that everything wrong with this franchise starts up top. Bringing back Nagy and Pace tells me everything I need to know about the Bears. I don’t see much changing until these guys are gone. Then we can “maybe” have hope for the future. I mean, they fired Lovie Smith at 10-6 and kept these bums after having a more talented roster and doing nothing with it. Be ready Bears fans, because seven of our eight road games next year are teams coming off a playoff season. Add Chicago Bears fans into the mix and we can be staring at a long, dreadful season next year.

Even after all the nagging and complaining I just did; nothing will change the fact that I am a die-hard Chicago Bears fan for life. I just want to win, and this city deserves it! No more mediocrity. We demand greatness. Anything less is a failure.

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