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The Travel Sports Parents Guide

Okay travel sports parents LISTEN UP. Your kid made his travel team in his/her respected sport. Be happy for them, they earned it. I’m going to break down all the different types of parents you’ll find attending these travel games. I know you’ve all witnessed these types of parents many times over your travel sports careers. Here we go.

The Screamer

Image by Youth Sport Trust

This is the person you can hear from across the complex. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, this person has the bedazzled shirt, cowbells, megaphone, blowhorn, and all the things that usually aren’t permitted, but they don’t care. They are the ultimate superfan for their kid and the team.

As a son of a “Screamer,” I know what it’s like. It can be the best thing in the world and the worst at times. They will get after officials with your coaches and back you up no matter what. Sometimes, they might even try to go on the field to fight other fans. Every team needs a few of these fans on their side. Like I said, it’s more of a good thing than bad. The bad is when you’re not performing well and you just want them to shut up, but what can I say, they live for it!

The Parent Coach

Image by Janelle O’Dea via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

If you are raw and a top kid on your team, you have nothing to worry about. Your sports parents probably know what they’re doing. The worst kid on the team starting every game over the one who deserves to will never be good for the squad. I don’t know if I feel worse for the coach’s kid or the kid sitting behind him.

The coach’s kid might be a cool dude, but since his parent is coaching, the relationship between them and their team will never be the same. The moral of the story is know if your kid is talented and have the ego to sit his ass if he isn’t performing.

The Silent Assassin

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This is that parent who just shows up, sits there, and watches his kid go off. This parent knows how great their kid is, but just sits there and lets everyone come up to them and compliment their kid. You’ll usually catch them in conversations the whole game because everyone wants to know why his/her kid is so good. The assassin is an underrated fan because they know the game and will cheer when necessary and complain at the right times.

The Yapper

Image by Little League via Twitter

The most annoying parent at the game. This person is always running their mouth about something. Usually about how great their kid is, which seems to never be true. Their kid is decked out in thousand-dollar gear and has a new piece of equipment every game. This kid is usually the most disliked one on the team, because they’re exactly like their parent, always yapping about how cool he/she is when the whole world knows they’re a fraud.

It’s the Coaches Fault

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Unfortunately, sports parents think every travel team should be run by Phil Jackson or Joe Madden. There are more of these parents than any others and it is frustrating. Their kid is never at fault for anything. Even though the coach is taking time out of his life and eating up his weekends to coach him. I hate these parents and usually the kid takes right after them. Blaming everyone and never looking at themselves. I’d say 99% of the time their kid is bad at the sport. Sorry not sorry.

The Roamer

Image by Cosmos Magazine

These sports parents are walking around the entire game. This is for three reasons.

  1. They don’t want to talk to other people. They want to watch the game.
  2. They are always nervous. Smoking cigs, biting their nails, taking videos, etc.
  3. They’re still working on their phone. Always getting calls from work and can’t get any alone time.

The Roamers are a weird bunch. They can be seen all over the complex and when you look for them you can’t find them. They’ll know everything that happened in the game but won’t always be in sight. It seems like The Roamers are the snipers camping in Call of Duty. They will pop up at the most important times.

With that being said, when you’re watching your kids play, nobody’s saying you shouldn’t be enthusiastic and passionate. However, let the kid play the sport he loves and shine doing it. Travel sports is so much fun for kids. Some of the best times in their young lives. Have fun, cheer hard, but don’t be “that parent”.

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