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The Trevor Lawrence Sweepstakes

After Tuesday’s comments from Trevor Lawrence regarding the possibility of returning to school in 2021, I think it’s safe to say that the Cartersville, Georgia native and consensus top NFL Draft pick wants no part of the Jets.

East Rutherford’s finest are flying more like a Cessna these days, and in age where the quarterback position and head coaching carousel is as cut throat as an episode of Chopped, today’s top prospects just can’t afford to associate themselves with a history of losing for those first four/five years on a rookie contract.

Dream with me for a minute, if the Jets are the first to the podium in April, and Lawrence has made it extremely clear he is willing to pull a Manning or an Elway, how creative could they get with that first pick? Here are my thoughts, diving into the NFL’s organizations that need a franchise quarterback and have plenty of capital to give away…


Current QB: Gardner Minshew
1st Round Draft Picks: 2
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew #15 pumping his fist and acknowledging the fans.
Image by

Jacksonville immediately comes to my mind, as the Jaguars currently would hold the No.3 pick in the Draft while also holding on to the Jalen Ramsey pick, they traded for in 2019 with the Rams. Knowing Trevor Lawrence is the prized possession in the NFL Draft, I think the Jaguars should and could afford to deal both picks for the Clemson gunslinger. Lawrence would enter an offense with some young weapons on the outside and could be the first real franchise quarterback in the young franchise’s history.


Current QB: Kirk Cousins
1st Round Draft Picks: 1
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins #8 running from defenders while searching for an open receiver.
Image by Minnesota Vikings

If the season ended today, the Vikings would hold the No.6 pick in the NFL Draft. Color me crazy, but I think this trade is one that could benefit both parties in the long term. I believe this would end up being contingent on the Jets dumping Darnold for draft capital, but a swap of first round selections and shipping off Cousins to New York could certainly be in the cards. The Jets get a seasoned veteran that would provide more consistency to the position in a long time, while the Vikings would add Lawrence to an offense that already features weapons Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, and rookie Justin Jefferson.


Current QB: Dak Prescott??
1st Round Draft Picks: 1
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott sitting on stretcher on sidelines of NFL football game after suffering a compound ankle fracture and dislocation against the New York Giants.
Image by Star-Telegram via Dallas Cowboys

While the Cowboys seemed like one of the NFC’s biggest Super Bowl contenders just a couple months ago, injuries and a swiss cheese defense have left this group trailing behind in the NFC Least. Dak Prescott is an excellent quarterback but keeping him around moving forward costs cash. The Cowboys have a wealth of playmakers to offer the Jets as trade bait, and they may even be willing to sign Dak to that extension he rightfully deserves. A long shot here, but the move could make a lot of sense for Jerry Jones and next year’s head coach (Probably not you Mike).


Current QB: Cam Newton
1st Round Draft Picks: 1
New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton #1 celebrating after throwing a touchdown pass.
Image by Maddie Meyer via Getty Images

Most notable here has been the glaring hole left in New England without Tom Brady. With a potential top-10 pick in the first round and three selections in the always interesting fourth round next April, the Patriots could throw a wealth of draft capital at the Jets in exchange for that coveted first pick. Trading within the division could be tough, but the Patriots would be getting their next Franchise QB, something Bill Belichick could really use.

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