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Top 10 Best MLB Players by Swag

When it comes to baseball, having a chip on your shoulder is essential for success. With the 2020 season ending, we wanted to break down who we think the Top 10 best MLB players with the most swag is. Baseball is constantly changing, and if you don’t have that swag you need, you might as well grab some pine before you even step into the box. Sure, the sleeves, the cleats, and the tape is all a part of it. But the guys who play with the most swag is where it counts.

10. Yadier Molina
St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina showing off his baseball swag while walking onto the field before an MLB game.
Image by via FanSided

Coming in at #10 we got an oldie, but a goodie. Yadi, as most call him, brings it every day. The catcher’s gear screams at you that he has that “Chip.” The tattoos, the cleats, the arm bands and the sleeves. The dude is no joke. Outside of all the flash though, this man brings it. He dares runners to take a base on him… He will give a smirk that lets you know he’s the man after he hoses you. The question surrounding Molina now is will he ever retire… that swag seems to be keeping him invincible.

9. Tim Anderson
Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson showing swing and bat flip after a homerun.
Image by ESPN

Tim Anderson has come into the spotlight pretty quick over on the south side of Chicago. He represents everything that the game is turning into. As a leadoff hitter, he doesn’t care. He will pound the first pitch he sees, no questions asked, and then turn around and absolutely floor his bat into the dirt. Swagger is off the charts for TA7, and he’ll let you know about it. Tip the cap sideways for that south side grit TA…Keep changing the game.

8. Bryce Harper
Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper showing swag while pointing to the sky after a homerun.
Image by via FanSided

Whether you love him or hate him, Bryce Harper always brings a little extra flash to the game. And that has landed him at #8 on our list. I mean sure, Harper has kind of fallen off as one of the best MLB players in the game, but he is still up there in terms of his play and swagger. Arm sleeves, tape, elbow guard, leg guard, head band, tapered pants, and absurd flow equals all the swagger. Oh, and don’t let him shoot a gap on you, or he’ll tip the helmet off as he rounds the bags. Finally, the bat flips. When Harper hits a homer, you know he just hit a homer. He stares you and the ball down after he deposits it into the upper deck.  

7. Cody Bellinger
Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger celebrating a homerun with swag.
Image by Dodgers via Twitter

Let’s immediately start by how much swag comes with this swing. He stands straight in the air, strides all the way out, and then proceeds to murder the ball. Drops the bat, starts with a walk, and then smoothly transitions into a sweet jog. Apart from that, Bellinger just seems so chill. He never seems panicked… almost like he’s in slow motion at all times. He swings as if he is hitting a beach ball. He plays the outfield as if he is out for a morning jog. Bottom line, it is EFFORTLESS for this guy. Cody, welcome to the list.

6. Francisco Lindor
Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor gesturing the piece sign with swag during batting practice.
Image by Joe Sargent/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Also known as “Mr. Smile,” the Cleveland Indians shortstop has to make any swag list out there. Lindor is always flashing new leather in the field, has different colors in his hair, has a pearly white smile to his name, and of course the cleats. Did I mention his play yet? This is where the swag is really in tune. He has absurd range and comes up throwing out any runner from his spot. He makes almost anything look cool at his position. I mean when he catches a routine pop-fly, it looks sick. A routine ground ball is even cooler. Field it, simultaneously shuffle and glove tap before throwing an absolute piss missile across the diamond. #12 does it all.

5.) Manny Machado
San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado yelling with swag after hitting a homerun.
Image by Dennis Lin via The Athletic

Most baseball fans can agree that this guy is pretty much the worst. But, here at FanNoise, we don’t care if you hate him. He still has SWAG. Machado is a vacuum at third base, and the way he plays defense is just smooth. He throws rockets, lays out to stop everything, and mean mugs while he does it. Offensively, this man makes a living off of demoralizing pitchers. He hits BOMBS, then walks a solid 50 feet before starting his trot around the bags. During those 50 feet, we get a bat flip, chest pounding, fist pumping, foul language, and oh yeah… the Machado mean mug. The fact that almost everyone wants to fight this guy when they play him, has him in the Top 5 for most swag.

4.) Ronald Acuna Jr.
Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. showing his swag while running onto the field before during the MLB game.
Image by Nate Thompson via FanSided

When we see Ronald, we see the chains, the dreads, the neon arm bands, the arm sleeves, under the arm sleeves, UNDER the arm sleeves. We see the jersey unbuttoned, the cleats, and the socks. We see it all. This guy roams center like it’s a walk in the park. He catches fly balls with not two hands, but one. “Why?” one might ask. Because he can. The dude has swagger off the charts. He also has power to all fields, but what is power without a bat flip? It’s nothing to him. If he gets ahold of one, he will be launching his bat into the stratosphere, along with the ball leaving the galaxy.

3. Juan Soto
Washington Nationals outfielder Juan Soto pounds his chest and showing his swag after a game winning hit.
Image by John McDonnell via The Washington Post

Take a pitch, swipe the box, grab the crotch. Three things Juan Soto does at the plate as he stares a pitcher down moments before he pummels the 2-0 fastball he knows is coming. At just 22 years old, Soto is a special talent. At 21 he won his first world series… and looked like a veteran while doing it. This kid brings a chip. You know that you just faced Soto if you are on the bump. One mistake and goodbye baseball. He has all the flash that goes with it too. The cleats, sleeves, and bands he wears are of course nice touches to his style on the field, and his presence in the box has enough swag to piss off any opposing fan.

2.) Fernando Tatis Jr.
San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. bat flips and pimps a long homerun with swag.
Image by Evan Bleier via Getty Images

This past season, Fernando Tatis Jr. skipped every step that most players go through when it comes to becoming a super star. He became what everything the game is about today. He plays fast and violently with absolutely no care for what anyone thinks. For example, he smoked a 3-0 fastball into the right field bleachers for a grand slam when already up a crooked number against the Rangers. He does not care. Also, attributing to his swagger is the gear. Leg guard of course, arm sleeve for the RPG he carries, and wrist tape on the other side strictly for looks. He also keeps bleached dreads with the beads in them for style points. He is slowly becoming the face of the game. Keep it up Nando.

1.) Javier Baez
Chicago Cubs shortstop Javier Baez blowing a bubble with gum as he pimps a homerun with swag.
Image by Danais Thomas via Pinterest

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. This is a no brainer. We’re talking about a guy who… pimps bombs, does no look tags, dives for everything whether it’s necessary or not, has a cannon, rocks the chains, and has the earrings… basically he has it all. Oh, let’s not forget that he blows bubbles with his gum in the process of doing all of this. Unlike anyone else, it really feels like Baez shows up to the field every day just to show off for the fans in the stands. Due to the fact that he puts the fans first and showboats, he has earned #1 on our list. My message to Javy is this: Keep being a complete and total jerk on the field, we love it, and so does baseball. Ladies and gentlemen don’t take your eyes off the screen when this guy is on the field.

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