Sports NFL Which NFL Team Gets the Last Seed in the NFC?

Which NFL Team Gets the Last Seed in the NFC?

As the NFL regular season winds down, it’s crunch time for most teams. The top seeds in both the AFC and NFC are basically set. However, there are a few NFL teams battling for the last seed in the NFC. I’m so happy the NFL extended the playoffs, so an extra team gets in. It adds more mayhem for the league, which we love as fans. I’ll be breaking down exactly what these three teams need to do in order to make the playoffs. Right now, it’s the Cardinals, Bears, and Vikings fighting for that last spot. The Cardinals are the front runner to make the playoffs with the Bears and Vikings on their tail. After the Bears and Vikings play this week it’ll be clear which two teams will be left in the quest for the playoffs.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals sit at 7-6 right now holding the 7th spot in the playoffs. Kyler Murray started the year off hot, but the Cardinals seem to be fading as of late, losing 3 of their last 4. If the Cardinals win out, they’ll have no problem making the playoffs with a 10-6 record. However, I don’t think this will happen.

Image by Arizona Cardinals

The last three games for the Cardinals consist of the Eagles, 49ers, and Rams. With the newly added Jalen Hurts in the starting lineup, I can see a slip up here in week 15. The Eagles are soaring high after their win over the Saints, but the Cardinals are coming off a solid win as well against the Giants. The Cardinals control their own destiny for the last three games. A slip up in any game can really make things interesting moving forward as these NFC teams battle for the NFL Playoffs.

Chicago Bears

The Bears have had a roller coaster of a season. Dropping six straight games after starting 5-1 will make Bears fans irate. However, since Mitch Trubisky came back in at quarterback, the offense has completely changed.

The Bears suffered a devastating loss to the Lions in week 12, where they were winning the entire game and ended up blowing it. However, the Bears can still get into the playoffs despite their 6-7 record. They’ll need to beat the Vikings this week for that to be a possibility.

Image by Luis Medina via Bleacher Nation

A loss to the Vikings will eliminate them from playoff contention. This is a playoff game for both teams which will be exciting to watch. If the Bears pull this one out and the Cardinals lose, they will both be 7-7 and will go to a tie breaker. The first tie breaker is NFC wins. The Bears are 4-5 in the NFC and the Cardinals are 5-4. A loss from the Cardinals and a win from the Bears suddenly ties up the standings in both record and NFC wins. The Cardinals have three games left against NFC teams and the Bears have two. A lot will be decided for these two teams in week 15. Bears fans are hoping for Cardinals losses and Cardinals are rooting for Bears and Vikings losses.

Minnesota Vikings
Image by Adam Bettcher via Getty Images

Just like the Bears, the Vikings need to win their next game to be in the conversation. Minnesota would need the Cardinals to lose every game left on their schedule, since they have an NFC record of 3-6. They’ve got a tough schedule ahead for winning all three games. The Bears, Saints, and Lions are left on the schedule. They need more help from the Cardinals than the Bears do. The Bears can somehow sneak in if the Cardinals lose two of their last three, but the Vikings would need them to lose all three then win the rest of their games to be in. What a crazy scenario for these NFC teams battling for NFL seeding.

Overall, if the Cardinals lose this week, it adds excitement to the fanbase of whoever wins during the Bears vs Vikings matchup. Stay locked in for the Eagles vs Cardinals and the Bears vs Vikings this week, so we can comeback and discuss the possibilities for the second team that’s chasing the Cardinals.

I hope it’s the Bears!

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