Sports College Basketball Who Has the Best Uniform in Sports?

Who Has the Best Uniform in Sports?

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals have the most expensive sports uniforms in the MLB. The reason for that is it requires more stitching than any other uniform. The uniform features two cardinals sitting on a baseball bat across the chest, which is a design that no other uniform has. The throwback baby blues are a nice asset to add along with the home white and away grey and definitely make a case for the best uniform in sports.

St. Louis Cardinals players standing in MLB baseball dugout in all baby blue throwback sports uniforms.
Image by
Chicago Blackhawks

Hockey jerseys in general are sick. But, nothing in hockey can top the white Blackhawks jersey that includes the “Chief Blackhawk” head logo. The detail in this logo is unmatched and extremely hard to replicate. The Hawks have modified the “Chief Blackhawk” many times but have never completely went away from this logo. It’s one of the best in all of sports.

Chicago Blackhawks hockey player skating on the ice in NHL hockey game.
Image by Ryan Fedrau via
LA Lakers

The Lakers colors are awesome and they’re such a successful franchise that I must put them on this list. Yes, Kobe Bryant does rock these better than Lebron James. Personally, I’m a fan of the black Lakers jerseys, labeled the “Mamba Jersey”. But for this list, we’re talking about the classic Laker threads.

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant #24 looking at crow in NBA basketball game.
Image by Christian Petersen via Getty Images
Oregon Ducks Football

Nike continues to suit up this football team with the coolest uniforms in all of college football. I can’t speak specifically to a single uniform because there are so many to choose from. They have over 100 different combinations, which makes it almost impossible to replicate the same uniform in a single season. Oregon uses these uniforms as a recruiting tool to get recruits around the country.

Oregon Ducks college football team running onto the field before the start of a college football game.
Image by Tyson Alger via The Athletic
Cincinnati Bengals Helmets

It’s safe to say that nobody has even close to the helmet the Bengals have. Most teams get away with just putting the logo on the, but the Bengals have never done that. These helmets feature the Bengal Tiger stripe across the entire helmet. Joe Burrow is going to be rocking this helmet for a long time, if the Bengals are smart. But, as we have seen in previous years, the Bengals have trouble making the right decisions on coaches and players.

Cincinnati Bengals orange helmet with black tiger stripes placed on NFL football field.
Image by Aaron M. Sprecher via AP Photos
Philadelphia Phillies Retro All Blues

The all blue Phillies jersey is flat out sick. The maroon “P” on the left side of the chest is a cool feature because the Phillies only rock maroon on these uniforms.

Philadelphia Phillies Bryce Harper running the bases wearing retro all blue uniform.
Image by The Athletic
Philadelphia Eagles All Black

When the Eagles rock all black, it brings me back to the Westbrook, McNabb, and Brian Dawkins days. The Eagles brought these unforms back out in their Thursday night matchup against the Giants out of desperation, and it panned out when they won.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz #11 celebrates a touchdown pass with wide receiver Alshon Jeffery #17 against the Denver Broncos.
Image by Eric Hartline via USA TODAY Sports
Michigan Football Helmets

The University of Michigan has been rocking these helmets since the dawn of time, when they were beating up on high school teams in the 1800s. Just like the Bengals, this helmet is unique and doesn’t just have a logo on the side. The “Maze” color pops on the helmet and brings out the wolverine claw.

Michigan Wolverines college football helmet on display.
Image by Green Gridiron
Vince Carter Era Toronto Raptors

I think I’m picking these because of how good Vince Carter was when I was younger. But, either way, these uniforms are elite. The red raptor on the purple jersey adds a unique element that not many teams have used on any sports uniforms, putting it near the top for best uniform in sports.

Image by The Undefeated via Getty Images
San Diego Chargers Baby Blue

By now you know should know I’m a sucker for baby blue. It’s my favorite color and the Chargers rocked it well in the 1960s. The bolt on the side of the helmet is one of my favorite logos in football, and I was a huge fan of LaDainian Tomlinson growing up.

San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson celebrating in the end zone after scoring a touchdown in an NFL football game.
Image by Harry How via Getty Images
Notre Dame Football Helmets

The Shiny gold helmets are one of the most iconic in all of college football. Personally, I would put them over Michigan’s. Nobody has a shinier helmet in the NCAA. The helmet symbolizes tradition and helps in the recruitment of high school players.

Notre Dame college football helmets lined up on the field.
Image by Mike Miller via One Foot Down
Tiger Woods Sunday Red

We all know when Tiger is in red, LOOK OUT. This is my personal favorite because I know when Tiger is in red, I’m watching. This is the most iconic golf outfit ever worn by a golfer, and for good reason. Many championships have been won by Tiger wearing his Sunday red, making it arguably the best uniform in sports.

PGA golfer Tiger Woods celebrating in Sunday red outfit after winning the 2019 Masters.
Image by Jason Getz via TNS
North Carolina Basketball

Michael Jordan did an amazing job by supplying this team with Jordan uniforms and shoes. That alone is the reason they are on this list. Again, baby blue is just awesome, and North Carolina is a historically winning basketball program.

North Carolina Tarheels players and head coach posing for a picture before college basketball game.
Image by
Toronto Blue Jays Red

These jerseys are super unique and rarely worn, but when they do these are extremely cool and are in the conversation for the best uniform in sports. I think these are a Top 5 alternate uniform in the MLB. The Canada leaf logo on the hat is awesome and looks great in all red. No blue is needed on the hat.

Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Marcus Stroman delivering a pitch in an MLB baseball game.
Image by Reddit
Chicago White Sox Sunday Red, White and Blue

The White Sox wear these uniforms every Sunday and it showcases the word “SOX” across the chest with red, white, and blue piping. The numbers on the pants are more of a throwback concept that accentuates the pants and ties the uniform together.

Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale delivering a pitch to home plate in an MLB baseball game.
Image by
Philadelphia Flyers Orange

These all orange uniforms explode with how bright they are. The flyer in the middle is just such a historic logo that it would be disrespectful to not put it on the list.

Philadelphia Flyers NHL hockey players preparing for game.
Image by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
1970s Houston Astros Throwback

These sports uniforms have orange, white, and navy blue striped across the stomach of the jersey with the Astro star under the left pec. Nolan Ryan used to shove in these jerseys.

Houston Astros Marwin Gonzalez #9 throws out Seattle Mariners James Jones of the Seattle Mariners for the final out in the game.
Image by Otto Greule Jr via Getty Images
Buffalo Bills All Red Color Rush

Personally, these are my favorite color rush sports uniforms worn. Circle the wagons baby, because the Buffalo Bills are about to win the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills running back stiff arms New York Jets defender during NFL football game.
Image by
Seattle Seahawks Lime Green Color Rush

These are my second favorite sports uniforms of the color rush era. The all smoke grey uniforms are nasty as well. It’s hard to leave the Seahawks off this list because of how cool their color scheme is. Neon green is so unique, and they have brought it out more and more over the last ten years.

Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham celebrates with teammates in the end zone after catching a touchdown.
Image by Mark J. Rebilas via USA TODAY Sports
1936 Chicago Bears Throwback

The Chicago Bears wore this uniform last year. It involved an unorthodox striped helmet that they haven’t worn before and orange and blue striped socks. I never expected the Bears to go away from tradition, but they did, and it was awesome.

Chicago Bears Tarik Cohen #29 posing in football stance wearing new 1936 throwback uniform.
Image by Dustin Schutte via Saturday Tradition
Detroit Lions All Grey

Did you not expect another baby blue team to make the list? These Lions uniforms are the coolest ones they have and it’s not even a question.

Detroit Lions TJ Jones #13 celebrates a touchdown with teammates at Ford Field against the Chicago Bears.
Image by Leon Halip via Getty Images
Chicago Cubs White Pinstripes

As much as this kills me to write this, the Cubs traditional white pinstripes have been a staple in this organization forever and I can’t leave them out.

Chicago Cubs Anthony Rizzo  and Kris Bryant wearing white pinstripe uniforms.
Image by
New York Yankees

I would get destroyed for not putting the Yankees on the list for best uniform in sports, but personally, I don’t think these are anything special. They’re just classic. But whatever, they made the list.

Image by Travis Koch via
Miami “Vice” Heat Blue

These uniforms just scream “Miami”.

Miami "Vice" Heat Jimmy Butler #22 on basketball court against LA Clippers during NBA game.
Image by Michael Reaves via Getty Images
Boston Celtics Green

Just like the Lakers, these sports uniforms symbolize tradition. Along with their unique basketball court, their shamrock and green unis are sweet and a lot of great players have rocked this uniform.

Boston Celtics during NBA basketball game.
Image by AP Photo via Michael Dwyer
Chicago Bulls “Chicago Flag”

These uniforms are something special and symbolize the Chicago flag. They were worn one time, but it was an amazing site to say the least. The best uniform in sports as far as Chicago fans are concerned.

Chicago Bulls Zach Lavine #8 during a slam dunk in an NBA basketball game.
Image by Chicago Bulls
Anaheim Ducks Orange

The old Anaheim Ducks logo is amazing in general, but when they altered the uniform to orange it added a whole new dynamic. That gave fans in Anaheim a reason to watch hockey. Or did it?

Anaheim Ducks fist bumping during NHL hockey game.
Image by FanSided
Las Vegas Knights Black

The brand-new franchise in Las Vegas came out strong with a cool gold and black color wave that symbolized Vegas. I don’t know if these are cool because the team is good, or if I actually really like them. Overall, they did good on this one. One of the best uniform in sports.

Las Vegas Knights NHL hockey game.
Image by Wade Vandervort via Las Vegas Sun
Arizona Diamondbacks Cooperstown Throwback

The teal and purple D-Backs jersey is amazing. Randy Johnson dominated opponents in this uniform and it goes as far as throwback can go in baseball, this has to be at the top of my list.

Arizona Diamondbacks MLB baseball players wearing Cooperstown throwback jerseys.
Image by Image by Jennifer Stewart via Getty Images
1990s Utah Jazz Throwback

Karl Malone and John Stockton is all I have to say. The all purple sports uniforms this team wore was top notch. It’s too bad Michael Jordan and the 90s Chicago Bulls were just too much for them.

Utah Jazz NBA basketball players Karl Malone and John Stockton.
Image by Amino Apps
Pittsburgh Steelers

This one is more about the logo. The Steelers logo is cool and unique. The traditional black and yellow unites the city. This football team has been so consistent over the years and their die hard fanbase rocks the stadium every game, annoying all other teams in the AFC North.

Pittsburgh Steelers NFL football team jerseys.
Image by via Getty Images
Clemson Football Purple

Clemson has been an absolute powerhouse on the football field over the past decade. When they roll out in those purple uniforms it just makes things that much better. Going from Deshaun Watson to Trevor Lawrence is not too bad if you are a Clemson fan.

Clemson Tigers college football quarterback.
Image by Jeremy Brevard via USA TODAY Sports

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