Sports Golf Why Your Golf Game is Lacking - Golf Tips

Why Your Golf Game is Lacking – Golf Tips

As we all know, golf is extremely fun but very frustrating and we could all use some golf tips. Have you ever hit a “perfect shot” but somehow couldn’t find the ball? Or hit a great drive but then tank an iron into the water? Or how about that 2-foot birdie putt that you smoked over the hole? Personally, I have done all of these and I’m sure you have as well. BUT I am here to tell you the 5 key secrets to avoiding all these mishaps on the links.

1. Spice up your cooler

If you’re the guy who is always bringing the same beverages, you will always shoot the same score. IT’S A SCIENCE. Throw in some wild card beverages in there to completely change your game. If your friends can pinpoint which drinks are in your cooler, you’re doing it wrong. When your boys don’t even have to look in your cooler for them to know what you are drinking, you must change. Blow everyone’s mind with your beverage choices next time you play a round. I’m not saying bring boxed wine to the course, but a few out of the ordinary beverages will go a long way.

Golf tips for Yeti golf cooler to put in golf cart with a variety of beer and seltzers.
Image by Bobby Doherty
2. Give your clubs a bath

The night before you golf you should treat your clubs like an extremely hot girlfriend that you don’t want to lose. Fill up a pot of water and give those clubs the bath they deserve. Clean your clubs so they are the shiniest and freshest clubs on the course. If you do this, I promise your round will take a turn for the best.

3. Buy something from the cart girl

This is a very underrated tactic that not many golfers use. The few that use this tactic, I can assure you play good golf. You need something in the golf cart that brings you magic. It might be that beverage, bag of chips, candy bar, etc. Buying something on the golf cart is like getting a gold star power in Mario Cart. Your body needs some energy and I suggest you get it around the 8th or 9th hole. Whether your front 9 is good or bad, it doesn’t matter. You need the golf cart and the cart needs you. However, make sure you tip well. You want the cart girl to know you mean business on the links. It’s all about the cart girl golf tips!

Food and beverage cart girl on the golf course serving golfers and receiving golf tips.
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4. Change your outfit

Having a good outfit on the course will change your life. Go out and invest in a Tiger Woods Championship Sunday outfit. I mean, spend some money on this because this is the outfit you will be kicking ass in. Everyone knows if you look good, you play good. Again, it’s a science. If its summertime, go get yourself a bright shirt to stand out. Make sure it’s slightly tight to show off your enormous pecks, but not too tight because that’s just weird. Same thing with your pants. Show the world your working with something and you ain’t afraid to show it.

PGA golfer Tiger Woods celebrating after winning the 2019 Masters.
Image by Alexis Mansanarez via Getty Images

A couple tips to accentuate the outfit.

  • Buy some cool Oakley’s and throw them on the back of the hat. NOT THE FRONT.
  • Put your tee behind your ear. It’s sexy.
  • Wear a glove and put an extra glove in your back pocket. The glove in the pocket tells everyone you’re ready to play some golf. Don’t be afraid to switch gloves when you’re struggling. It’ll make a difference.
  • Wear a visor when necessary. There are only a few people who can pull this look off. However, if you can pull off a visor, you should wear it every single time you go out. A visor is not a dad look. It’s a championship look that makes the course workers sweat.
  • Tuck in your shirt for crying out loud. This goes without saying, but you look like an absolute joke if you don’t tuck the shirt in. JUST DO IT.
5. Make excuses for yourself

In golf, it’s too hard to beat yourself up all the time. When you’re having a rough hole, pick something to blame and move on. It works like a charm. For example, the only reason you chunked an iron shot is because you slipped. I mean why else would you not hit the ball perfectly? Don’t do this out loud too much or your buddies just won’t like you. But, making excuses on the course will give you the power to keep hitting fairways.

Try these golf tips and you’ll be racking up birdies in no time!

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